Declassify Escobar files

It’s a “CONSPIRACY too big to fail.” Obama is Escobar’s and this is why he was forced on the USA. Until they declassify Escobar’s files from the 80’s, you CAN’T investigate the birth certificate. But, at the same time, you have John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted who has undeniably worked under horrific mental stress in order to uncover the truth and has an awful lot of power. The kind of power that might force politicians to go against politicians. Can you imagine having to relive your son’s murder day in and day out knowing that somebody out there knows something. Finally, in 2006 here’s the truth and so here comes Nancy DALESSANDRO Pelosi with her counter-move which is “Obama,” my half-brother whom I knew as “Allen” which is his middle name, son of Thomas Beauchamp Owens, to block Walsh’s disclosures. They deliberately put Hillary on the opposite corner so that the males will just assume that it was done by the “Man Club” to keep from having to serve under a female. The biggest clue was the fact that the DNC cut the votes of Florida and Michigan in half as “punishment” allegedly for going out of sequence. But, their propaganda video had two WHITE MALES. They destroyed the voter’s confidence across this once-great democratic nation. The only way you will ever get to the bottom of what the scumbag politicians have been doing (cocaine/crack/meth) is to accept that Toulis (’82? Founder of the “Anarchist” Movement/AT), Dyess, Sr. (’80), Joseph P. DALESSANDRO, and Escobar (’90) had no qualms about making and using female serial killers (aka “spiders”) to take down powerful males such as Hoffa (’80), Reagan (3/30/62), and the Kennedys (’80). Furthermore, that the CIA had no qualms about falsifying documents in order to cover up their own asses. It also took a female to kidnap Adam Walsh (’81) in the first place because back then a Mexican/Cuban/Black male or female couldn’t even get close to a white child. I kidnapped Adam Walsh. I have been witness to cartel mosh (body) pits in Hendry County, Fl, and I can tell you as a first-hand witness, we have been ongoing victims of Castro/Escobar’s #WhiteGenocide program.